Control of zeolite pore interior for chemoselective alkyne/olefin separations
Yuchao Chai†, Xue Han†, Weiyao Li, Shanshan Liu, Sikai Yao, Chong Wang, Wei Shi, Ivan da-Silva, Pascal Manuel, Yongqiang Cheng, Luke D. Daemen, Anibal J. Ramirez-Cuesta, Chiu C. Tang, Ling Jiang, Sihai Yang*, Naijia Guan, Landong Li*

Science, 2020, 368(6494): 1002-1006                                >> Link

张梦婷, 颜婷婷, 戴卫理, 关乃佳, 李兰冬

化学学报, 2020, 78(12): 1404-1410                                >> Link

Spectroscopic Signature of Lewis Acidic Framework and Extraframework Sn Sites in Beta Zeolites
Weili Dai, Qifeng Lei, Guangjun Wu, Naijia Guan, Michael Hunger, and Landong Li*

ACS Catalysis, 2020, 10(23): 14135-14146                        >> Link

Reaction kinetics and mechanism of CH4-SCR on Ru–In/H-SSZ-13
Jun Yang, Yupeng Chang, Guangjun Wu*, Weili Dai, Naijia Guan and Landong Li*

Catalysis Science & Technology, 2020, 10: 6025-6034               doi

Reversed configuration of photocatalyst to exhibit improved properties of basic processes compared to conventional one.
Juhong Lian, Yu Qi, Yunfeng Bao, Zixi Yin, Yang Zhang, Nengcong Yang, Naijia Guan, Shengye Jin, Landong Li*, Fuxiang Zhang*

Science China Chemistry, 2020, 63: 771-776        pdf

Fabrication of hierarchical Sn-Beta zeolite as efficient catalyst for conversion of cellulosic sugar to methyl lactate.
Bo Tang, Shuang Li, Wei-Chao Song, En-Cui Yang*, Xiao-Jun Zhao*, Naijia Guan, Landong Li*

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2020, 8: 3796-3808

Entrapped NbOx clusters in MFI zeolite for acid catalysis
Enhui Yuan, Weili Dai, Guangjun Wu, Naijia Guan, Landong Li*

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2020, 305: 110361                pdf

Unexpectedly selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene to styrene on titania supported platinum photocatalyst under 385 nm monochromatic light irradiation
Juhong Lian, Yuchao Chai, Yu Qi, Xiangyang Guo, Naijia Guan, Landong Li*, Fuxiang Zhang*

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Methane Activation and Utilization: Current Status and Future Challenges
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